The Center for Hope and Healing


In providing professional levels of healthcare to those in need, we will be guided by two principles: one-on-one compassionate care and respect for the dignity of every person, born and unborn. We will use the gifts of our volunteers and benefactors under the auspices of the Rose Garden Home Mission of the Franciscan Daughters of Mary and in union with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.


We will provide at no charge the best healthcare possible to everyone who asks, with compassion and respect for their human dignity and without regard to race, age, sex or religion.

Our Work

Since opening the medical clinic on January 24, 2012, we have called it “God’s Clinic” because He provides everything we need. For example, the night before opening our Women's Wellness room, the examination table and equipment were all in place, but the clinic director suddenly realized, "Oh, no! We have no gowns for women to wear! How can we start without them?" She locked up and went home — and the next day a box filled with exam gowns was sitting next to her desk. (To this day no one knows where they came from.)

The dental clinic has launched with three fully equipped and licensed operatories, three months of supplies on hand, and three volunteer dental teams lined up to rotate through, serving 20 patients each clinic day. All this was accomplished through the astonishing generosity of donors large and small, who contributed funds, new and used equipment, supplies, labor, and materials to meet this urgent need.

The Center for Hope and Healing is the only free medical clinic in Northern Kentucky for under-insured individuals, and March 24, 2017, was the launch date for the only free dental clinic in the region.

We look forward to seeing many new smiles!

Our Funding

The Center for Hope and Healing has run 100% on donations and volunteers since our founding in January 2012 as a free medical clinic and through our expansion to a free dental clinic in 2017. This generous sharing of the time, treasure, and talent of our benefactors is essential. Without them we cannot offer our visitors the spiritual, emotional, and physical aid they seek. With them, we can be a bridge to wellness and well being.

We respect our supporters by using their resources wisely, and we respect our clients by honoring their individual dignity, one on one, just as God made each of them. Because of our commitment to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church without exception, we do not accept government funding and its restrictions. We choose instead to support the life and the dignity of every human person, born and unborn, regardless of age, sex, race, or religious affiliation.

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Clinic Hours

Health ministry hours:Tuesdays 11-3.
Clinic hours:Tuesday 9:30 - 2:30 and Wednesday 11-3:30
We are located at 2020 Madison Ave.,Covington, KY

Phone: Medical and Dental 859-261-0323
Fax: 859-261-0434
Sheila Carroll : Clinic Executive Director
Leah Britt : Dental Clinic Director

Sheila Carroll - Clinic Executive Director

Since Mother first brought her Franciscan Daughters of Mary to Northern Kentucky in 2004, the Rose Garden has become a conduit for the generosity of benefactors throughout the region and beyond in order to help those who come to our doors in need of aid. From its start helping mothers and young children and making home visits for health and material assistance, the Rose Garden blossomed into a food pantry, health clinic, and a now a dental clinic. This is surely the work of God!

We always are able to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit on Health Screening Tuesdays, when our Mission friends and neighbors come to have their blood pressure checked and their diabetes monitored with finger-stick glucose. However, we really do much more than that. Many Tuesdays the Spirit of God is so present in the consultation room that it is almost palpable in the air.

We have from one to five healthcare professionals engaged with new friends who are in physical, medical, or spiritual need. Our one-on-one policy ensures unhurried, loving care for each of them, honoring their dignity as brothers and sisters in Christ. Tenderness is a unique touch from God just for them, affirming His spiritual love as we tend their physical needs.

2020 Statistics

438 Health Ministry Visits (Jan 7-Mar 3) Closed due to COVIF-19 pandemic
  • 182 Total Patients
    • 95 Female
    • 87 Male

Medical Clinic

  • 763 Total visits
  • 230 individual patients, ages 5 mos. to 76 years of age
    • 130 Female
    • 100 Male
  • Smokers - 45% of total
  • Diabetes — 23%
  • Hypertension — 34%
  • COPD — 13%
  • Mental Health — 22%
Counseling/Addictions specialist
  • 51 (22%) individuals admit to mental health problems.
  • Total patients - 15
  • Total visits - 51
  • Male - 5
  • Female - 10

52 or 23% have diabetes
We supply: insulin, syringes, needles, and oral medications.
Appropriate laboratory testing is drawn and sent to a reference lab.
22 pair of prescription glasses,
We were able to obtain 47 eye exams to detect diabetic retinopathy,
Referred 5 persons to a retinal specialist for treatment to save their sight.

2 individuals with Hepatitis C have been enrolled in treatment programs for this disease.
Of the total patients in 2019, 53% moved to other providers after obtaining insurance coverage.

Services offered - Medical clinic:
Primary care by physicians and nurse practitioners
Registered nurse diabetic educator
Blood and urine laboratory testing
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
4-D ultrasound
Clinic psychologist counseling appointments
Respiratory therapy treatments
Women’s wellness check ups
School and sports physicals
Non-scheduled prescription medications and over the counter medication
Copay assistance for prescriptions and specialist appointments
Spanish language medical interpreter
Blood pressure monitoring
Tobacco cessation classes

Dental Clinic

Due to the pandemic we have had only 2 dentist volunteers this year and 6 days with a volunteer hygienist.
  • 64 individual patients
    • 32 Female
    • 32 Male
  • 83 total visits
  • 29 extractions
  • 73 x-rays
  • 9 fillings.
  • 2 Triage days
  • 3 Dentist days
  • 6 Hygiene days

Dental services:
oral hygiene instruction and self-care kits

Quotes from our patients

“This clinic offers patients confidence in their care. They take time with each person and fully explain everything to you. They are caring, compassionate, and truly gifted. I cannot say enough about our clinic.”

“I work but cannot afford insurance. This place is wonderful. It is the first time I have been able to see a Doctor regularly in 3 years. Thank you to all of the people that work here.”